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Seymour Rogansky,
Editor and Writer
Seymour is a seasoned English-language professional, having worked in the field for more than 15 years. Following a degree in English language and literature at Leeds University (BA hons) and a CPE course (law) at Chester School of Law, Seymour started his career teaching English for International House in Krakow, Poland. On returning to the UK in 1992, he consolidated his professional skills gaining a Certificate in TEFL from Trinity College, London. Since then Seymour has taught both in school and one-to-one environments. For the last seven years, he has developed a specialism in one-to-one teaching of students in intensive total-immersion courses for Regent Language School and Intuition (part of International House UK). This has involved tailoring courses for individual needs at all levels, developing lesson materials and plans, providing feedback and reporting. During this time, Seymour has helped a wide variety of students to realise their personal, and professional aspirations and achieve qualifications - ranging from support for students taking standard and specialised English exams including entry into the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Winnie Chan Wei Ling,
Winnie Chan Wei Ling, BSSc, MA(Ed) (CUHK); PGCE (Institute of Education, University of London), was the former Head of the Audio-Visual Division, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has been a writer and instructional designer for teaching kits, learning packages and on-line educational courses for more than 20 years, including "Know about Hong Kong through Learning English", "Liberal Studies Training Camp", "Knowledge Data Bank of Civic Education", and "Healthy Life Starts at Young".

Florence Lai Ching Ching, Writer
Dr. Florence Lai Ching Ching, BA (English) (CUHK); MA (TESOL) (Columbia University, New York); PhD (Linguistics) (Institute of Education, University of London), is an English teaching lecturer at The English Language Teaching Unit of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has both academic and practical experience in English language learning and teaching from her higher degrees and teaching different students in New York, London and Hong Kong. In addition to her teaching experience abroad in New York and London, Dr. Lai also has experience in working at world organizations like the language learning department of the United Nations and the international education department of Sesame Workshop in New York.


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